These Celebs Will Give You Fitness Goals


They say that the best project you’ll ever work on is you. Aiming for the perfect fitness is exactly what satisfies you inside and out – and there’s no surprise about that. So if next time your jeans is a tad bit tight, you know what to do, either head for gym or a quick swim that will pep you up.

Our celebrities work day in and day out but yet squeeze out time to look flawless! There fitness regime is one of the life goals. “I don’t want to workout” said no hot hot body ever, or did any?

Fahad Mustafa :

Those muscles aren’t so easy to acquire. Som sore muscles some severe back aches, but the Jeeto Pakistan and Na Maloom Afraad actor aced in all, so if he can take the ache, then why can’t you?

Late night work out …. ūüėČ

A photo posted by Fahad Mustafa (@mustafafahad26) on

Ali Zafar :

The rockstar singer and heartthrob broke many hearts after he tied the knot with his beautiful wife. This actor has also shown some kick ass performances in Bollywood movies. Those gorgeous muscles weren’t made¬†overnight.

Late night sessions @danyalzee

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Mawra Hocane :

This girl has managed to drop so many jaws in such young age, the 24 year old make countless men out there weak in their knees. Blame that hourglass figure and cute smile please!

Meesha Shafi :

It’s no newsflash that yoga does wonders to your body and that’s precisely what Ayaa Laariye singer has proved, the versatile Meesha Shafi always manages to cut a dash and even after two kids she looks pretty as a picture!

Danish Taimoor :

The Wrong number actor has a body that every women would seek in her future hubby, besides being a great life partner, an excellent actor and an amazing father – Danish aces in fitness too and flaunts his muscles well.

THE GYM ..Where I break me..WHERE I REMAKE ME..#fitness #shredded #discipline #nevergiveup

A photo posted by Danish (@danishtaimoor16) on

 Umair Jaswal :

The singer turned actor has the body that gives men out there some serious fitness goals, the Yalghaar actor has those WOW muscles, and they are to die for. Drool* 

If you still look Cute by the end of your workout .. You didn’t workout hard enough !!

A photo posted by Umair Jaswal (@umairjaswalofficial) on

Mehwish Hayat :

Though this picture is slightly old, we still decided to share it with you. This sizzling hot billi can sure make those heads turn, whether women or men we all have a crush on her, don’t we?


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