What challenges await Mahi?

With the seventh episode going on air, Khuda Mera Bhi has taken a swift turn and seems like that the story is moving forward, Mahi is constantly yelled at by her mother in law. Looks like there’s no way this family will accept this baby and the sole reason is that the baby is a transgender.

Countless challenges await Mahi, but her idea of giving this child a regular life is pretty amazing. Hats off to her courage – the woman knows exactly what she wants. Being aware of the fact that she’s tormenting Zain with this baby in existence, Mahi has come to a decision of leaving him, the man she truly loves is her first step to compromises on the right path.



What else could she do? Zain isn’t willing to accept this baby and neither is his evil mother, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai is the show that is breaking stereotypes and spreads the message of how we need to bring a positive change in this society. How is being the third gender that baby’s fault? Do you think a mother can ever leave her own bundle of joy stranded?

Moreover, Zain hates the fact that he’s losing Mahi because he can’t face the society and he’s just not courageous enough. He believes that this baby will only cause dishonor to his family, looks like his mother has brainwashed him well. In this cloudy situation the only ray of light is the future of this baby which comes above everything at all.

Mahi has made such a big decision of parting ways with Zain and raising her baby on her own with only her best friend and her mother by her side, do you think this decision will be easy? Our society will never miss a chance to raise questions and give you a hard time, how will Mahi give this baby a normal life? Will Zain and Mahi patch things up? What challenges will this baby face once he grows up?

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