‘Coke Studio’ All Set To Hold Pakistan Spellbound!

So the wait comprising of an entire year is over and the first episode of the highly anticipated musical season, Coke studio is here to conquer all the senses of every spectator of the show. Coke Studio just released its first episode and the amount of charm exhibited through the entire episode is absolutely ravishing.

Earlier this year, the producers, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have gone on a talent hunt spree across the country, from the deserts of Balochistan to the lush green valleys of Kashmir, ending up in a remarkable series, entitled, Coke Studio Explorer.

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The first episode of the 11th installment of Coke Studio Pakistan has literally so much to offer, that every listener will undoubtedly have goosebumps, the entire episode with tears falling down their cheeks because of the grandiosity their lyrics possess.

The show unfolds with all the A-list singers; Fareed Ayaz, Abu Muhammad, and brothers along with the gorgeous Natasha Baig enthrall in the spiritual journey of Allama Iqbal with their rendition of his classical, ‘Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa’, making it an unarguable treat to the ears, eyes and the sense of feeling and perceiving. Not only does this song carry magic, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have filled the entire new generation with enthusiasm for Iqbal’s poetry through it.

For the first time ever on any show produced in Pakistan, fragments from the transgender community have taken over the stage to oomph the spectators with their energy and amazing voice! Lucky and Naghma showcase their signature style with a lot of grace along with Jimmy Khan’s unique voice for a folk tune with a tappa style composition. ‘Baalkada’ is a groove that is full of funk, paired with humorous lyrics, and a catchy hook making it a total hit.

Rapping was unknown to Coke Studio, until today, when the super-talented, Lyari Underground and the legit “One Man Army”, Young Desi take all the listeners with their next level rapping game, by storm. From the first second of the song, till the last moment, ‘Rap Hai Saara’ has divulged as the plethora of immense energy. The song is in Balochi, English, Urdu and Punjabi languages, making the audiences tap their feet on the perfect chemistry of LUG and Young Desi.

The last song of the first episode happens to trigger just the right amount of passion in the heart of every person listening to it. ‘Main Irada’ is a powerful upbeat tune that is catered to the audience by the super talented, Haniya, the gorgeous, Rachel, along with the newly discovered Shamu Bai and the cuties, Ariana and Amrina, making it the contemporary women’s anthem for all the right reasons. The beat, instruments, and vocals stay accurately aligned and synchronized throughout the song.

The entire episode incorporates diversity, from the rap, the constituents of Pakistan’s transgender community, Iqbal’s surreal poetry, to the soulful voice of the little ones from Chitral. We are certain that we will get to witness more of this magic in the coming episodes of Coke Studio. Kudos to Ali Hamza, Zohaib Kazi and the team for bringing the best, this time.

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