When we confuse Societal Norms With Religion

We have been raised in a society of male supremacy. A society where despite working a full day at home, just like the man works at his office, a woman has to look after the men in her house also, not necessarily her husband. A society where working women are stereotyped to not being able to give sufficient time to their family and home. A society in which a woman can never live the way she deserves. Our society often keeps societal norms and religion tangled, that too for the women of society only. Lack of religious understanding and intolerance have caused an epidemic of fallacious misconceptions towards women in our society.

Have a look at these five instances where Pakistanis confuse societal norms with religion

  1. Mehndi Dances- Boys dance- Ah, that’s alright!

Girls dance- Astaghfirullah! What a haram act!

Umm, hello where does Islam say that men can dance while women can’t? As far as our knowledge goes, it is equally as haram in both the cases.


  1. A girl prefers a nuclear family for herself- home wrecker!

While Islam itself propagates the idea of a nuclear family


  1. Daughter-in-law is supposed to serve the in-laws. NO!

Yes, she can if she wishes to but she is not obligated to. Not doing it doesn’t make her a bad Muslim!


  1. Love marriage- Haram, haram, haram!

The marriage of Bibi Khadija and the Prophet Muhammad was a love marriage.

If our society dictates otherwise we shouldn’t use our religion to defend it.


  1. Girls have an expiry date, while men can marry whenever they want to

Sounds outrageous right? Islam advises everyone to marry young if not, there is no expiry date for any gender. 

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