Destiny is not in our hands: Qismat


The future is not in our hands and one can’t take control over it, whether it is the past or future, it will happen as God has planned for us. The happiness in one’s marriage does depend on the person’s understanding but it can’t be controlled over if it’s meant to be broken. In ARY Digital’s drama ‘Qismat’ we see that Meera is a divorced person and the family is not comfortable about it. This is what that was seen in the promos of ‘Qismat’ but till date Meera has not been introduced in the drama.

The new drama ‘Qismat’ started from 1st September 2014 and it’s all about the complexity of relationships within the same family. The story is about two cousins living in the same neighborhood but there is no love between them. Two women Sakina and Nasreen are supposedly relatives by the in-laws but have no love or respect for each other is observed. Both are the wives of the brothers but they have divided the house, belongings and don’t want the other lady to cross each other’s path.

A woman can never praise another woman and it is usually because of the jealousy factor. The two cousins living in the same neighborhood, but despite being related by blood, a deep sense of jealousy and disgust lingers between the two young women. The mothers are also adding into it which makes the situation worse. Areeba and Hina are cousins while Areeba is good at heart and in nature, the other is determined to destroy her life, be it marriage of reputation, in an attempt to bring her never ending envy to ease.

Nasreen wants all the relationship to get over but Sakina wants to be the sweet poison. She planned that she will get her son Arshad married to Areeba. Nasreen got really annoyed and created a scene; she went to Sakina and very bluntly refused for the relationship.

‘Qismat’ is directed by Shahid Younus and written by Nadia Akhter, watch ‘Qismat’ Monday to Thursday at 10:00 PM only on ARY Digital and if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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