The Diva Sadaf Kanwal Giving Us Some Major Travel Goals!

While few celebs were busy attending weddings, festivals and fashion shows, our favorite model, Sadaf Kanwal decided to have some me time far, far away.

Who doesn’t want to be tanned by the bright spring sun of Europe and the gorgeous architecture along with beauteous landscapes amidst the clear, uniformly blue sky? Sadaf Kanwal happens to be the person to experience lovely sun kisses and melodious air brushing against her cheek.

Pakistan’s top model of 2017 is habitual of carrying apparel flawlessly on the runway and in real-life as well. Her outfits throughout her trip were totally on point. Our favorite model was recently in the aesthetic Venice and people could not resist praising her more than the picturesque location.

Who’s a perfect model? A person who does not only own attractive looks but knows how to walk in style. This gorgeous model has just taught us about traveling in uber style.

?? !!!

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What if we tell you that Venice is not just a home to scrumptious and tantalizing food, it’s pretty famous for the sunny southern weather as well?

La Bella Venezia ?????????? #italy #venice #happiness #icanseeyou

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Oh Berlin, you are gorgeously an architectural paradise!

Double me????!!

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What else does Venice possess? A hundred small islands with lush blue waters.

Love Venezia ?????????? ..!!

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The prima donna has traveled extensively in the past couple of years which makes her embrace all types of fashion accessories and apparels with subtle mastery.


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Undoubtedly, this absolute stunner deserves to be known as Pakistan’s style icon for all the right reasons.

When in Paris… ??????

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Oh. And there’s Eiffel Tower in the background as well, if, in case, you missed.

So when are you packing bags to experience traveling in style just like our diva? Tell us your views in the comments below.

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