These #DonaldTrump And #HilaryClinton Tweets Will Make Your Day!

Turning every trending topic into something humorous is what all of us can predict, whether it’s the Chai Wala, or Sheikh Rasheed – one thing or the other just takes over the entire social media and makes huge waves on it. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – everything is flooded with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton Memes (countless they are by the way).

So just to narrow it down, we decided to browse through the twitter trends and believe us when we say that they made our day! Check out these tweets and laugh yourself sick. Yes, you’re welcome.

Some just went overboard with mocking Trump.  Have a great laugh!

Why would they leave Hilary behind? Like come one, it’s the meme war.

And then there’s the #ElectionNight, loving the entire response, this is obviously just for the kicks right?

The entire #DonaldTrump and #HilaryClinton war is literally the hottest gossip today, but the question is – who would you have voted for if had the opportunity? Let us know in the comments section as we’re super curious!

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