You don’t want to miss out on Pakistani starlets and their signature poses

Hands on hips, one leg crossed over other or a big smile to flaunt, if you look carefully all of your favorite celebrities have a their own favorite go-to pose that they they’d make anytime at any occasion. Whether on a Red Carpet, at home or even at any social event – they simply show their signature poses that emphasize their famous assets and hide their flaws. These starlets looks downright stunning in them, while some of them like to keep it simple, others pull off wacky ones. Decided for yourself and pick your favorite pose!

1.Mahira Khan

Her look down pose is very chic and super elegant without a doubt.


2.Mawra Hocane

This heart pose makes you go awwwdorable!


3.Humaima Malick

This is honestly a very sexy signature pose of her hand in her hair.


4.Momina Mustehsan

The Afreen singer has a smile that will make you go Afreen on her, and believe us when we say that her one smirk can even mend the broken hearts.


5.Syra Yousuf

The young mommy looks uber elegant in this arm on hips pose.


6. Sadaf Kanwal

Looks at those eyes shut! How adorable is that?


7. Ainy Jaffri

That expression of surprise totally takes the cake!


8.Sohai Ali Abro

Her love for pout is endless and she manages to flaunt that wacky side of her to the public, it’s actually super cute.


9. Mehwish Hayat

The billi loves to be a selfie queen and no doubt she looks pretty as a picture.


What’s your favorite pose? Are you ever ready to pose for the camera? Go ahead and pose awayyyy!






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