In Photos: Fatima Effendi’s Bee Themed Baby Shower

The couple comprising the gorgeous Fatima Effendi and the dapper, Kanwar Arsalan, stays one of the most beautiful couples of the Pakistani media fraternity. The couple is known for embracing each other abundant times on their social media platforms. It is not long ago when the lovebirds shared breathtaking photos revealing Fatima’s baby bump. Kanwar writes, “Family is like branches on a tree, We grow in different directions yet our root remain as one.”

Fatima has also posted an adorable photo on her Instagram account, captioning it, “Here we are finally sharing our happiness with you all!! A lot of you have been messaging me asking where have I been. So here’s whats been cooking! There’s a rainbow in the making, I have put in a lot of love and patience in it. Taking a break from my work that I love so much has never been easy but I’m glad that the Almighty is rewarding me with something so precious in return and I have almost reached my destination MashaAllah.” She also urges her fans to pray for her family.

Fatima has recently posted a set on photos of her astounding baby shower on her Instagram account. Donned in Yellow, she looks surreal in a sash, with all other attendees of the baby shower wearing Yellow and Black outfits. Everyone looks absolutely happy in this small family affair.

Adorable props, a beauteous cake, sufficient Kisses, cute cupcakes and an abundance of smiles sum up this little party oozing infinite grandeur. Color Yellow and Black exhibits a bee and they have set this theme for a question that says, “What will it Bee?” pointing to the baby to be.

Even we cannot wait to have a long glance at the baby that’s gonna have the cutest parents in this world. May Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi have a beautiful life with loads of love and contentment galore.

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