People nominate Faysal Quraishi as ARY Digital’s ‘Actor of the Year’ for Haiwan

Amid a potpourri of extraordinary dramas that have aired on ARY Digital in 2018, incorporating some of the finest actors our country has ever produced, we decided to leave it completely to the people watching those dramas to choose whom do they think is the best actor of the entire year through an online poll.


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The unexpected outpour of voters has made it evident that the channel and its dramas are binge watched not solely in Pakistan, but in the entire world at large. For his stellar performance of a guilty father, the immensely talented, Faysal Quraishi wins the top spot, becoming ARY Digital’s ‘Actor of the Year’ for 2018.

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The 45 years-old actor is known for his versatility and has played roles from a happy-go-lucky boy and a successful businessman to a villain and now, to a father who commits an unforgivable sin. Haiwan is a pivotal drama in Faysal’s career because the amount of intensity it offers is beyond any explanation, literally.

Upon garnering the most number of votes, we have got in touch with Abdullah Seja, the producer of Haiwan, asking him about Faysal’s performance as Hameed in the drama. He says, “I cannot imagine anybody playing the role better than how Faysal Bhai has done. I get goosebumps whenever I see the character and how he has played it. Probably this is one of the toughest characters I have seen any actor portraying in my life. In my entire career, I have never seen somebody portraying such a difficult character with such conviction.” In the end, Abdullah reaffirms that only Faysal Quraishi could do justice to the character of Hameed.

Haiwan sheds light on child abuse, which is unarguably one of the most heinous issues our country is enduring for a long period of time. This drama not only tends to bring a bitter truth in the mainstream, but it also comes with a lesson for the parents and siblings to avoid trusting anyone with their children and younger siblings respectively.

Among other nominees, the stunning, Neelum Muneer grabs the second spot for her outstanding acting in Dil Mom Ka Diya as Ulfat. Meanwhile, the gorgeous, Aiman Khan has achieved the third position for playing Biya in Bay Dardi with complete mastery.

Congratulations for becoming ARY Digital’s ‘Actor of the Year’ Faysal! More power to you!

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