Five Fashion Trends That You MUST Keep An Eye On This Winter

As the late days of autumn transition into winter, the weather in numerous parts of the world becomes increasingly unpredictable. The season of hot coco, coffee and late night warm milk is just around the corner. It’s no surprise that shawls, jackets, socks and quilts become our best friends. The thing with winter is that we opt to have a long endless date with our bed! Oh well, work and college hinders it all.

With winters arrive those occasions that would require you to be that style chameleon and hit to the stores for the latest collection of various brands. We at ARY Digital believe that looking on point and giving an impression of style guru is a happy yes! Have a look at these latest trends that you can pull off this winter and manage to look chick.


How can they ever go wrong? If you’re heading out for a lunch with your girls or chilling on your couch all set to play PlayStation, a hoodie is like your best friend. It keeps you warm and a plus? Bigger hoodies don’t even require gloves!


Whether pairing your denim pants with a tee. A jacket or even a jumpsuit. You can’t ever go wrong with denim. This pair of cloth should be ticked checked in your list of must-haves.


Leather Jackets

When wore with a pair of jeans they look casual. When paired with a formal dress or finely tailored trousers they look elegant smart and sophisticated. There are various designs which give classy touch to your outfit. Leather jackets are not just a style statement but too define your personality.



Though velvet certainly makes for a high-impact evening look, we’re endorsing velvet for day, too. A blazer, a shawl, and shoes! – Even some scarves to go with your kurta. A velvet dress pants and top would be an epitome of perfection.



Bomber Jacket

All the celebs are going gaga over these and they no doubt are the ideal piece that you should be in your wardrobe, the jackets are a an ideal definition of fashion – plus class. Spend your money on something that’s worth buying.








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