Five Must Tips For Ramzan

Keep calm and wake up for Suhoor : The most significant point to keep in mind in Ramadan is to have fresh and healthy food at Sehri. If you want your ‘roza’ to go easy and smooth, you must eat energy filled diet, consisting of composite carbohydrates, and have food which have a slow digesting process. You can eat lentils, millet, oats, beans, unpolished rice, wheat and barley having composite carbohydrates. if you want to go overboard you can always have the yummy parathas and yogurt, its filling and healthy.

Stomach too tight? keep your Iftar light :The next most important tip to follow in Ramadan is to have a digestive Iftar. This is one of the common misconception is to have food in large quantity. It is a trend in Ramadan that people would end up having extremely oily and fried foods such as pakoras, french fries, rolls, and samosas, as tasty as they as are its best to avoid them and opt for healthy food,  like fruit chaat, dahi phulki, doodh soda and even sandwiches. One shouldn’t feel heavy after a long day of fasting as that might upset your stomach and cause problems to digest easily.

If you have time for Facebook, you have time to exercise :We can’t miss how exercise is the most important health tip, and not just in Ramadan but in our daily life. Science has also proved that if you exercise while fasting it will bring you well. It will build stronger digestive system and increase the rate of your metabolism. If you find exercise difficult then you can always decide on a brisk walk to burn extra stored calories from your body,  cleaning up your room or anything that would make you physically energetic. praying  five times a day helps too as it keeps you active.

When life gets too hard to stand, kneel : Being Spiritual in Ramadan is highly recommended. One should make sure to be as holy as they can, one must pray regularly five times a day, recite Quran and it will certainly make you closer to Allah. Avoid watching everything inappropriate on TV. ‘ they say the food to your soul is Namaz’. It will surely relieve you from all the stress.

Those who spend in charity will be richly awarded Giving Zakat is the as equally important as any duty in Ramadan, we shouldn’t forget poor and keep in mind how they fast too and can’t afford to have the luxuries that we do. it will give you a feel of satisfaction that absolutely is the key to happiness. Be it clothes, money, food, do contribute as all our good deeds are being noticed up there.

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