What Does The Future Hold For Fiza?

Bay Khudi’s third episode aired last night with the story moving forward and Saad’s love for Fiza grows deeper, his jealousy towards Asher is clearly visible as he can’t stand the fact that his only love is about to slip from his hands and he breaks with every passing second. The sad thing about this is that he can’t do anything about it as Fiza loves Asher.

Finally the two are engaged and Saad’s mother was really supportive throughout the entire situation, though she loved Fiza and wanted he to be her daughter in law. The good thing about Bay Khudi is its fast paced storyline where everything is happening pretty quick which makes the audience captivated to it. The recently got engaged couple – Fiza and Asher are head over heels in love with each other and can’t have enough of it!

This entire situation has began to get to Saad’s mind and he constantly think how Fiza was supposed to be his, how she was supposed to be sitting next to him and not Asher, and how her eyes are filled with love for Asher and not Saad’s. The man just drowns in his depression. Well, you know what they say – no point crying over a spilled milk. Fiza is someone else’s fiancé and the best thing for Saad to do was to move on and find another love. That’s the sole thing that would make Fiza happier.

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Furthermore, we see how Fiza fell sick and the entire house is just busy making her feel better – brining her food, soups and what not. Fiza is the apple of her khala and her mother – however, a wedding where the entire family was supposed to attend comes up. Fiza being sick forces her khala and her mom to go and have fun, she’s a big girl who can take care of herself, little did Fiza knew that she’s about to face hell.

On the other hand Saad makes up an excuse that he needs to visit Hyderabad for business purposes and leaves, and that’s how he missed the wedding too. Who knew that he had some major evil plotting going on. Saad’s who Fiza and the entire house have always trusted makes a swift move to the house and shuts down the power and physically assaults Fiza. That Fiza whom he loved, that Fiza who was his everything. Jealousy makes you the worst things, Saad chalked it all out – he knew he would make the excuse of going away to Hyderabad, no one will ever doubt him. Clever trick.

Fiza is engaged to a man she truly loves, what will she do now? How will she ever face Asher? Why would Sid do something as awful as this! Will Fiza marry Asher now? How is all this going affect both of the families? Most of all, do you think Sid will get caught?

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