Haiwan ends on an intriguing and powerful note

Haiwan is not just a drama, it has become an entire institution for parents and siblings to fathom that their children and younger siblings need appropriate protection. Moreover, they need not rely on any friend or for that matter, any relative, with their children because they must be taken care by either parents or elder siblings only.

Haiwan starts off with two families living in complete harmony beside each other as neighbors. They are on good terms with their daughters being best friends. One family consists of parents; Hameed and Amna, having Sawera and Javeria (Jojo) as their daughters along with a son named Maan who lives in the United States. The other family consists of Azra and her daughters Masooma and Momina who are Jojo and Sawera’s best friends respectively.

One day while Hameed’s family is away and Masooma comes finding her friend Jojo, he commits an unforgivable sin under the influence of alcohol and tries to hide her body. Azra comes to his house to find her younger daughter but she couldn’t find her because her daughter is already dead.

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In the midst of the entire searching spree, Maan comes back to Pakistan and falls in love with Momina. His father, Hameed is stressed and remorseful because of his heinous act, therefore, he resists Maan’s inclination towards Momina. However, Maan and Amna convince him for the wedding but he doesn’t behave well with his daughter-in-law. On the other hand, he gets Sawera married to one of his friends’ son.

Things start to get suspicious when Hameed acts weird in front of his family and Momina. A baby girl is born to Maan and Momina and they name her as Masooma. Hameed goes to perform Umrah and behind his back, Maan gets the garden of their home dug to extract water from the ground. They find Masooma’s body under the ground that makes Azra speculate Hameed as the abductor of her child. She goes to the police to file a complaint against the entire family.

Upon Hameed’s return, they ask Hameed but he denies at first. However, he confesses his wrongdoing in front of his wife and Momina hears everything. But his wife, Amna pretends that he is not the sinner. After a plethora of distrust and hatred towards Momina, Maan pushes her out of the house for accusing his father of the crime.

But Amna admits her husband’s sin in front of her children and they start to hate him. Jojo listens to everything on her way back from school and she runs away in agony. Yelling and cursing cause Hameed’s health to worsen and his family takes him to the hospital. While being in the hospital they find out Jojo is not at home and their existing sufferings increase.

Momina comes back to take care of her mother-in-law in the painful time. Amna and Maan ask for forgiveness and to pray for their Jojo. When Hameed comes to know about Jojo, he runs back home, going to Azra for forgiveness and begged her to pray for his lost child. Azra says that she will pray for her. The phone rings and Maan goes to the hospital to find his daughter injured. When she comes back to consciousness, she starts getting frightened from Hameed and asks him to leave.

Upon their arrival at home, Amna goes to Azra to tell her that she will testify against her husband. She comes back home and calls the police, asking them to arrest her husband. The police arrest him but after a year or so, they acquit him for having a mental disorder but he doesn’t come back home. Eight months after his acquittal, Azra finds him begging for forgiveness and revenge from every other person, sitting on the stairs of a shrine. She goes a step ahead and hears Masooma, waving.

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Haiwan does not only shed light on such a pivotal topic in a very subtle way, but it also informs and educates the Pakistani populace about all the prevalent potential dangers that often go unnoticed, that is evident through Azra’s media talk in the last episode.

Also, coming to the acting, Faysal Quraishi has just proved to be one of the most versatile and talented actors our country has ever produced. His pristine expressions throughout the drama can send chills down the spine of everyone who watches it. He has been pushing boundaries with his spectacular acting all his career but with his role of Hameed in Haiwan, he takes the concept of acting to a whole new level, setting a milestone in the Pakistani drama industry.

Not just Faysal Quraishi, the stunning, Sanam Chaudhry, the legendary, Sawera Nadeem, the talented, Iffat Omar and the debutant, Wahaj Ali have had their equal share of adroitness when it comes to the perfect dialogue delivery with extraordinary facial expressions and body language.

Helmed by Mazhar Moin and produced by Abdullah Seja under the banner of iDream Entertainment, Haiwan has vanquished all previous standards by setting new standards of direction, dialogues and acting altogether.

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