Imran Khan’s Biopic, ‘Kaptaan’, All Set to Release Later This Year

Ahead of the general elections of Pakistan, which are scheduled to take place on the 25th of this month, when all the major and minor political parties along with the independent candidates are on their promotional spree, a news has been disclosed and it is about the life of the founder of a political party, Imran Khan.

The long-awaited biopic of the cricketing star turned politician, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan is making rounds for its release later this year, throughout the country, entitled ‘Kaptaan’. The initial trailer of the movie has had released in 2013 but the flick’s release kept getting postponed due to various reasons.

Hitting cinemas this year!! Are you excited?

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The protagonists of the movie, Saeeda Imtiaz, and Abdul Mannan have spoken to the media about their upcoming Lollywood delight. They are super excited that the movie is finally releasing later this year and that the new director and his crew are eager to take the movie to the next level, calling the delay “A blessing in disguise.”

Mannan, talking about his array as Imran Khan says that the portrayal of Imran has been a hassling experience but he slowly got into the character. In spite of having an exceptional physical resemblance with Imran, Mannan has spent days with the PTI chairman just to observe and learn his gait, speech and mannerisms.

Abdul Mannan as Kaptaan ?????

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Being asked about whether this announcement has been made in the interest of political gains, he denies and says that the movie has nothing to do with the upcoming elections. He further explains that Kaptaan is purely based on Imran’s personal life and the time he has spent with his first spouse, Jemima Khan and his early years in the politics of Pakistan. He further claims that there are ample things in the movie that the people might not know about Imran and through Kaptaan, they will be able to know more about his personal life.

The khan family ?

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The female lead of the movie, Saeeda Imtiaz, playing the character of Jemima Khan, upon asking about the reason for the delay of its release, says that abundant of little details have been taken care of. She tells about a scene where she and Mannan stayed awake for an entire day incorporated of 24 straight hours. She explains that the timings of all these scenes have been so crucial that the thespians were working overtime. Albeit all the struggle and delay, she is proud to be associated with the biopic and witnessing all of it happen.

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