In Pictures: Parents-To-Be, Sania And Shoaib Perform Umrah

Shoaib Malik is known for his unmatchable cricketing skills. He is the true definition of the pride of Pakistan. Malik has garnered utmost fame through all his appearances in international cricket arena, playing for Pakistan and getting the trophy for his country in abundant instances. The cricketer is also admired by a huge populace for his good looks and dapper personification.

Sania Mirza is equally adored for her stellar tennis capabilities and has represented India at extensive tennis games. The tennis star has also emerged in various advertisements with style galore.

The couple is well-celebrated as one of the most successful power couples of Indo-Pak. Another unique characteristic of this couple is that they belong to two different countries and in spite of being Muslims, they share a diverse culture.

The astounding couple has just posted a photo on their social media platforms a few weeks back, divulging that they are expecting a young guest at home.

Recently, photos of the young couple are being circulated all over the social media and all their fans are extremely happy to witness the couple on Umrah.

Blessed ????????

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Mashallah || Shoaib Malik || Sania Mirza || ??

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You won’t be able to resist saying Mashallah, watching these cuties in this holy land.

MashaAllah !! Shoaib and Sania !! #ShoaibMalik #SaniaMirza

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Guess who accompanied the couple. What a beautiful complete family.

Guess our heartthrob is pretty happy with his in-laws.

Shoaib Malik joins the team in Madinah!

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Our favorite Bhabi killing this no makeup look with an ultimate ace.

Sisiters || Sania Mirza || Anam Mirza || ??

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Shoaib Malik is such a cutie, he takes a photo of his in-laws. What a man!

Away from the paparazzi and glamour, Sania spends a fabulous time amid her family and bae.

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Here’s a photo of our favorite couple, all set to leave for the holy sites.

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Seems like someone is an absolute fan of the cricketer.

Blessings to all from Mecca

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We have been noticing celebrities planning trips to the West, with this act, our favorite lovebirds have given us some major couple goals.

We wish these cuties, a very happy and blessed life ahead.

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