In Videos: Strings Captivates Ample People With Its Awesomeness!

When we think of enthusiasm, we naturally end up thinking about patriotism, and what’s more patriotic than the Independence Day Of Pakistan? Certainly nothing. Albeit having ample concerts scheduled on the night of 13th, people have been coming in huge numbers in the midst of Shahrah e Faisal to have a glimpse at their favorite band, Strings, enthralling till the start of Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day along with the surreal, Kubra Khan and the astounding Marwa Hocane.

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The open-air concert venue was oozing with patriotism, as all the spectators arrived wearing green and white outfits to pay homage to their beloved country, Pakistan. As the lights flashed towards the audience, the huge number of attendees was witnessed rather instantly.

As the gates closed, the young sensation, Raafay Israr officially kicked off the show with the well-acclaimed, Junoon’s upbeat number, Jazba Junoon, that got the level of patriotism multiply by a hundred. After filling the audience with absolute energy, he had to maintain it, so he performed Dil Dil Pakistan, Teri Deewani, and the well-celebrated, Dhamaal, that got the people groove in its signature array.

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Soon after Rafay’s performance was over, the absolutely gorgeous, Mawra Hocane and the beautiful, Kubra Khan, came up the stage, stealing the limelight. The female lead protagonists promoted their upcoming flick, JPNA2, amidst cheer and excitement galore. The cuties also distributed the official merchandises of the second installment of the superhit, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

Finally, one of the top Pakistani bands emerged one after another, from the lead guitarist, Adeel, to the young champ on the drums, Aahad Nayani. Followed by a countdown, the legendary, Faisal Kapadia and the melodious, Bilal Maqsood divulged, making the entire audience literally go gaga over them.

Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood entertained the crowd in a way no one else could, quite literally. They performed on their super hit songs like Na Janay Kyun, Chaaye Chaaye,  Zinda, Mera Bichra Yaar, and Dour.

The band did not just perform, keeping in view that the band just completed its 30 years of togetherness, Faisal kept telling how things changed during the past thirty years. He shared a fun fact in front of the audience, “Aahad was born after the band was formed, making him the youngest, but the toughest lad of the band.” Strings also intoned their recent songs from the album ‘Thirty’, including, the melodious, Piya Re, the awakening, Urr Jaoon and the spectacular, Sajni, to celebrate three phenomenal decades of the band.

The show was hands down, house full and the entire audience happily agreed on whatever the band asked them to do. From taking out phones and show the magic of their flashlights, to singing with them, to jump with every step they take, the attendees proved that they were unarguably captivated by the magic of these veteran singers.

The clock hit 12 while Faisal sang Main Tou Deekhun Ga, making all the people roar with enthusiasm and sing with him. The entire lyrics of the song exactly depicted the ongoing scenario of Pakistani politics amid the fresh aroma of ‘Naya Pakistan’ along with the pyrotechnics, getting lit.

Strings closed the show with their all-time treat, Hai Koi Hum Jesa, getting all the spectators grooving, making it truly, a spectacular affair. The super-awesome VJ, Faizan Haqqee, hosted the show with complete mastery, playing a pivotal part in getting the spectators to stand on their toes, with all their senses hooked to the stage.

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