Incomplete Ramazan Without These!

What makes Ramazan so special? We are always glad when the month of  Ramazan arrives, filled with all the family gatherings, the hustle bustle that all of us share and how can we forget the media who tries their best to be included too. The trends that follow Ramzan include so much.

1. Our hosts showing their ‘fun side,’sometimes they would go rock star and sometimes they’d want to flaunt their muscles off!

2. Amir Liaquat coming up with just another side of him, in Ramazan all the entertainment that comes from Mr.Liaquat is just a cherry on the top! One thing or another, we do see it.


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3. First we eat, then we do anything else! Ramazan comes with all cooking shows and the latest recipes to make our Iftari and Sehri perfect, the love for food is undying.


4. Yes we do transform ourselves in the Holy Month, from day one till the chand raat our attire changes and so does the amount of Ibadah.


5. Knowing the exact time of Iftar leads you to learn the timings of Maghreb too, Ramzan does bring a change in us!


6. The prices of everything from vegetables to fruits to poultry, reach the sky in Ramazan and the general public suffers from the inflation!


7. This Ramazan add Ibadah to your list too! Don’t just sleep, eat and repeat!


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