ARY Digital comes up with the thought-provoking ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’

Drama channels of Pakistan usually focus more on providing entertainment but in lieu of jumping on the bandwagon, ARY Digital stays ahead by shedding light on pivotal topics that focus on the social issues our country has been facing. ARY’s latest venture, ‘Beti’ delves into the stereotype of considering daughters as a form of jinx.

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ARY’s next highly anticipated drama, ‘Kaisa Hai Naseeban’, produced by iDream Entertainment and helmed by Ahmed Bhatti, is literally a step further. It emphasizes another stereotype revolving around the daughters. From their birth, daughters are perceived that they will leave their parents’ house and their parents also tend to desperately find a match for them. The irony is that they often misjudge the boy and the family he belongs to because they just need their daughters to get married as soon as they must.

ARY Digital has just released four teasers of Kaisa Hai Naseeban so far and the amount of pain they carry is beyond explanation. In the first teaser, the gorgeous, Ramsha Khan, clad in her Mehndi outfit says that she is the most privileged girl because she is getting married in a family that lives in Malaysia, has ample restaurants, luxury cars, an extravagant house, and abundant servants.

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However, every word she uttered contradicts with the visuals of the video. The family apparently has no car, lives in an apartment, she is doing the household chores all by herself, and even doing a job to earn bread and butter for the family. The teaser then depicts her husband, Muneeb Butt ferociously hitting her.

The next teaser depicts Muneeb’s mother saying that she will not take Ramsha to Malaysia as her daughter in law, she will take her as a daughter. It also shows the grand wedding ceremony of the two in Pakistan. On contrary, the teaser then delineates Muneeb and his mother’s ill behavior with Ramsha soon after flying to Malaysia.

The third teaser shows Ramsha’s father regretting his decision to get her married to his sister’s son, Muneeb. The teaser also shows how Muneeb’s mom asked for Ramsha’s hand for her son and then treats her inhumanely.

The fourth teaser is rather emotional yet intense at the same time. It shows Muneeb taking all the blame on himself but when Ramsha tells him to calm down, he pushes her heinously. It also shows an abundance of miseries that Ramsha goes through while being with Muneeb and his family in Malaysia.

In our society, parents of the daughters who get married abroad usually consider themselves lucky because they think foreign countries have all the facilities that will occur as a blessing for their daughters but the reality is a lot different. Also, if you get your daughter married to someone in the family, you often don’t do proper research about the boy she is getting married to. This ignorance can also lead to her miserable life.

With Kaisa Hai Naseeban, ARY Digital brings another reality in the mainstream that most people don’t want to talk about. Daughters are precious and a form of blessing according to our religion. We must protect them till they get married and stay vigilant even after they get married for their secure and happy future.

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