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Cooking shows are a popular genre of television that bring together professional chefs and home cooks alike, allowing viewers to learn new techniques, recipes, and culinary tips. After the super successful first season, ARY’s digital cooking show, ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ is back with a professional chef and a famous YouTuber competing against each other using the same ingredients. However, there’s a wall between them, so the YouTuber cannot really see how the professional chef is cooking, but can ask 5 questions from the chef.

Chef Aisha Abrar is the professional chef taking part in the show while Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooro, Romaisa Kha, Irfan Junejo, Iqra Kanwal, and Daniyal Sheikh are the YouTube celebrities who will compete with Chef Aisha.

The concept of Kitchen Chemistry is exciting because it combines two very different types of cooks. Professional chefs are trained and experienced in the art of cooking, while YouTubers often rely on their own creativity and personal flair to create content. By having both compete, viewers can see how different styles and approaches to cooking can lead to vastly different results.

The concept of a wall between the chefs adds an extra layer of excitement and intrigue to the show. The YouTuber must rely solely on their culinary knowledge and intuition to create their dish, while the professional chef can potentially throw them off with their answers to the five questions. The YouTuber may ask the chef about the timing of specific steps, the intensity of the flame, or even what ingredients they are using. The chef must decide how much information to give away in their answers, as they want to win the competition, but also want to be fair to their opponent.

During the competition, viewers can see the different approaches of the two cooks. The professional chef may have a more methodical and precise way of preparing the ingredients, while the YouTuber may experiment with different techniques and flavors. As the competition heats up, the tension between the two cooks can also rise, as they both want to come out on top.

At the end of the competition, the professional chef can evaluate the dishes and provide feedback on taste, presentation, and creativity. The winner can be determined based on various factors, including taste, innovation, and technique.

Overall, Kitchen Chemistry’s concept of having a professional chef and a famous YouTuber competing with the same ingredients, but with a wall between them, is an exciting and unique way to showcase different styles and techniques of cooking. It offers a fun and engaging way to learn about culinary creativity and innovation while keeping viewers entertained and intrigued.

So far episodes featuring Mooro, Romaisa Khan, and Irfan Junejo have aired and they have already accumulated an abundance of praise.

Did you watch the episodes? Which one did you like more? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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