Martyr’s last words for their mother


I know that I’ve hurt you times in this world as long as you were with us and when you left us I didn’t even come to see you once. But after receiving this letter I’m sure you’ll forgive me Mom. That’s worst of a son I’m, I must say. The day you left us it was like a hell living in without mother’s shelter full of affection. It was really hard for me to live without you. I can imagine the pain you have been going through since you left us.

I don’t have words to thank you that your eternal prayer is about to be fulfilled. Remember, you gifted me soldier’s uniform on my first birthday and said it’ll be really proud for you to call yourself mother of a martyr, who died for his country. I can’t be one of those Mom but still my name will be in the list. It’s time to celebrate my martyrdom at home. Please don’t cry to see my beheaded body because you told me that it’s in our heir to deal with death like this. It was my utmost desire to die for some terrorists abducted us and now I’ll be slaughtered in an hour. I couldn’t be a solider  but you should feel proud of your son that Ahle Bait AS will welcome me in the grave.

When my body arrives home please don’t cry because of me, cry at the poverty of Ahle Bait AS who shed their blood for the sake of Islam and I’m also giving my life for the same reason. I can hear the voices of my companions being slaughtered but I’m satisfied that I’m giving my life for the right cause. Please be patient and give dad the courage to lift me till the grave. I know that’ll be tough for him but father of a martyr shouldn’t be like that.

At this moment when I should be remembering Allah you came to my mind because I think that through you I can reach Allah. I just know one thing that above the earth Allah, Muhammad SAW and Ahle Bait AS are there for me and on earth parents are the one with me.

I just heard another shout Allah O Akbar. I guess it’s my turn mom. I know you’ll remember this morning for the whole life. They way you dressed me in the uniform; you weren’t ware that you’ll receive my beheaded body in a coffin.  Receive my body as the mother of a martyr not as you son because that will be pain full for you. Please forgive me on the name of Prophet (PBUH) and Ahle Bait AS. I cannot stop crying. I love you the most. The most!

This is my last gift to you!


Kamsin kahin burha kahin larka ha luthra khoon me

Us qalb ka alam ho kia ho gham yahi jis qalb me

Khanjer chala ek simt to ek simt uthti ha fughaan

Laashe jawaan ko dekh ker dam toorti ha ek maan

Baap ki lash per bachi ka ha jeena mahaal

Kon samjhae usse kamsin yateemi ka ye haal

Ker diya matti ke hawaale tu ne apne laal ko

Qabr me ab aate hain Ma’asoom AS istaqbaal ko

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