Maryam Kasay Jeeya-New Arrival of ARY Digital

Islam is a religion, which attaches great respect to women. Men treat them like a crown. It is mentioned in QURAN that both men and women are equal in terms of rights, yet men are superior to women as per physical strengths. 


Guess what will happen, if  woman gets authority of penning down her own fate??

I am sure that no woman will choose any sorrows, grievances, or pains for her entire lifetime, but this always be a wish.

It is a universal perception that women’s are themselves responsible for all worse situations, which occurred in life of those with whom they were associated BUT we entirely discard the notion that behind every successful man there is woman.


Its easy to stand in a crowd BUT it takes a lot much COURAGE to stand alone. Maryam Kasay Jeeya is our new drama serial, written by Nazhat Suman and directed by Syed  Atif. Cast includes Sana Askari, Hina Altaf, Shagufta Ejaz, Imran Aslam, Hassan Ahmed and many more versatile actors.

Apnao mai reh kay bhe  kiun tanhiya hai

Kiun wakhat nay her qadam itany sitam hai diye

Tu he bata zindagi kiun gham tu nay diay

Maryam Kasay Jeeyea

As title of the play itself portraits that the story revolves around the female character Maryam. What happens to her life and how she faces the challenges in her life? The story is heart-touching full of emotions and close to reality.

Maryam Kasay Jeeya  is coming soon only on ARY DIGITAL

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