“Meraas” revolves around the patrimony system in society!

Revolving around patrimony and its effects, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Saboor Ali’s starrer “Meraas” starts from tonight, 7th Dec, every Thurs at 9 PM.


Meraas – ARY Digital Coming Soon on ARY Digital

Posted by ARY Digital on 29 Noiembrie 2017

The story of Meraas revolves around the issue of patrimony and the relationships involved in it. From the trailers we can get an idea that the story revolves around a love triangle between Haris (Played by Mohsin Abbas), Jiya (Played by Saboor) and JahanAara (Played by  Sawera Nadeem )


Watch Meraas – ARY Digital starting tonight at 9:00 pmOnly on ARY Digital

Posted by ARY Digital on 6 Decembrie 2017

Haris and Jiya are shown as a couple but Haris hates his wife for a reason yet unknown to the audiences.

It will be interesting to see Mohsin Abbas in a completely new avatar being the rude and arrogant man in Jiya’s life who hates her for an unknown reason. Also Sawera Nadeem plays a very powerful character in the drama. The relation between Sawera and Mohsin will be revealed as the story will progress.


Meraas – ARY Digital coming very soon on ARY Digital

Posted by ARY Digital on 29 Noiembrie 2017

“My character is of a very innocent girl who cannot even speak for her right. I was very excited to work with Sawera Nadeem because she is a very senior actor and also my favorite.” -Saboor Ali

Directed by Ali Hassan and written by Hina Aman,Meraas is starting from tonight every Thursday at 9 PM on ARY Digital!

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