In Photos: Mehwish Hayat’s birthday party exhibits grandeur

What do we call a model who knows acting and can also sing with an absolute mastery? We call her Mehwish Hayat. The prima donna has worked extensively in not just dramas but has also appeared in movies including Punjab Nahi Jaungi that had become one of the highest grossing flicks of Pakistan.

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The diva has just celebrated her birthday yesterday amid friends and it surely turned into a spectacular affair. You name the celebrity and you’ll find them at Mehwish’s birthday party because she has always been a very humble and friendly actress altogether.

She looks legit surreal, donned in a burgundy outfit, striking a pose for the shutterbugs.

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Let’s have a look at all the top notch Pakistani stars bringing their A-game to the party, starting off with the duo of Asad Siddiqui and Zara Noor Abbas, that always gives us couple goals.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish HayatFollowed by another pair of super cute lovebirds, Sarwat Gillani, and Fahad Mirza.

Mehwish HayatThe fashion mogul, Frieha Altaf also graces the party with her presence along with the iconic, Sana Fakhar, donned in all-floral.

Mehwish HayatThe immensely talented and versatile, Faryal Mahmood also comes to meet Mehwish on her big day, dressed in trendy apparel, looking super bubbly.

Mehwish HayatThe divas spend a fun time together and it can easily be seen through this photo.

Mehwish HayatOne of her best friends, Azfar Rehman accompanies her, dressed in a cool red jacket. The actress holds a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Mehwish HayatThe unarguable fashion icon, Sadaf Kanwal also joins her friends Azfar and Mehwish.

Mehwish HayatAnd then these pretty ladies stand together and pose for this beautiful photo.

Mehwish HayatSibling love is the best and purest form of love and it can easily be deciphered from this photograph.

Mehwish HayatThe heartthrob, Bilal Ashraf also attends her birthday party, looking absolutely graceful.

Mehwish HayatThe king of versatility, Faysal Quraishi graces the event with his presence along with his better half.

Mehwish HayatThe comedian and writer, Faisal Qureshi also stops by to wish his friend a happy birthday.

Mehwish HayatThe super successful director, Nabeel Qureshi also comes to spend some time with the birthday girl.

Mehwish HayatWell, a bit of selfie-taking is actually a great idea in every event. Director, Wajahat Rauf, his wife, and the stunning Amna Ilyas also show up to the party.

Mehwish HayatAnd here we go, presenting to you, a few of the pivotal group photos delineating all the stars that have come to the birthday party of their beloved friend, Mehwish.

Mehwish HayatAnd then comes the grand group photo.

Mehwish HayatThe actress cuts her birthday cake amid a potpourri of laughter and fun.

More power to you Mehwish! May you keep shining bright with an abundance of happiness and contentment galore.

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