#MeinBhi Anthem garners immense tears

Following the horrific death of Zainab Amin, a toddler of just seven years of age, ample protests were organized by various Non-governmental organizations, activists and celebrities at different destinations throughout Pakistan. The motto of these rallies was to curb the presence of similar ghastly incidents.

Zainab’s murder and protests led to ample people opening up about their experiences of harassment on their social media platforms. Few renowned personalities including human rights activists, lawyers, fashion moguls, actors, and singers also became a part of the trend by standing up and raising a voice they never raised before.

Despite the murderer has been punished with death, the campaign runs smoothly. Recently, the fashion and PR magnate, Frieha Altaf has come up with an initiative to gather Pakistani artists in order to get an influential soundtrack recorded for Pakistan’s version of #MeinBhi campaign.

Recently, abundant of well-famed celebs along with activists and residents of Karachi have been seen in the launch ceremony of the anthem of ‘MeinBhi’. The song is a rendition of Shahzad Roy’s upbeat tune, ‘Uth Bandh Qamar’ sung by Shahzad Roy along with 36 other vocalists including Zoe and Rachel Vicaji, Aima Baig, Lyari Underground, Sanam Marvi, Pindi Boys and Badnaam, and a 40-piece orchestra.

Known for his extensive philanthropic work, Shahzad Roy has been generous enough to let his super-hit societal awakening song go in the ground to make a difference. The song exhibits photos of people killed or attacked ferociously, depicting the hollow and intolerant society we live in.

Besides Zainab, the song possesses photos of Shahzaib Khan, who was killed by the guards of an influential politician’s son, Mukhtaran Bibi, who was gang-raped as a revenge, ordered by flawed tribal customs, Malala Yousufzai, who was attacked with a bullet in her head, Qandeel Baloch, who was victimized by her own brother for the sake of honor and the students of APS, who embraced martyrdom resisting a terrorist attack.

The anthem also includes abundant of celebs and civil society members including the legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi who played a pivotal part for the betterment of Pakistani society. The activists who became a part of this video include Ayesha Omer, Jibran Nasir, Mahira Khan, Nadia Jameel, Frieha Altaf and Asma Jahangir.

The song dwells on the societal uncertainties which are crippling the country and on the ways to make sure that all fragments of the society live in harmony with each other.  The song happens to be an absolute soul-shaker with subtle lyrics and moving visuals.

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