Memes That Crack Us Up!

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing, countless memes go viral everyday and we love them. The fact that they make our entire day so much better is just another icing on the cake. So we decided to make sure you roll on the floor laughing today therefore we compiled few memes that would certainly make your day!

1.Fahad Mustafa no doubt flaunts that rugged look and it’s no shocker that he has the tendency to make the opposite sex weak in their knees! The Jeeto Pakistan host has won millions of hearts with that smile and those charms.


2.Oh yes! For all the aunties out there who can’t seem to mind their own business, please let all the girls be. Let them graduate masters with flying colors and then we’ll talk about adopting a grown man forever.


3.The wrong Number and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actor has played some phenomenal roles that has got us to laugh hard, and this meme sure made us giggle a little!


4.Rickshaws are the worst! I mean who would want that cruella hair right after spending about good 30 minutes on yourself? Above all wasting a good mascara!


5.The Jawani Phir Nahi Aani actress Bushra Ansari is so versatile, she can fit in absolutely any role and play it perfectly. But hey girls, learn to make roti or this society will not accept you (or you can just get naans from tandoor on the next street!)


6.For all the girls out there who are suffering from this taana, please chill. The Waar actor Shaan looks really bad ass in this picture though. (Just saying).


The Bulbulay queen has it all under control unless someone just disagrees to her. Momo would mostly say to Mehmood Saad,“Khalil Jibran ye aap kia kar rahy hain?” We still love her don’t we?







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