Mera Yaar Mila De – All The Twists And Turns

The say love makes you do the strangest things, which is why Mashq is out looking for her one true love – but the search to find Fahad is just not ending for Mashq. After almost getting shot, she is losing hope to find her happy ending. She notices how concerned Dabbu is for her and is going beyond limits to take care of her, to take a stand for her and even sell his blood to pay off her medical expenses.

The chemistry between Dabuu and Mahaq begins to build – it’s really sweet to see how they are there for each other. Mashq now believes that Fahad doesn’t care abut her the way she cares for him, for him she’s just a shadow.

On the other hand Fahad is about to get married to Isra but is least interested to prepare for the wedding, go shopping or even have a single moment of romance with his wife to be. It bothers Isra the most that all her future husband can do is quarrel with her constantly, and show least interest in the wedding.

Fahad love for Mashq is undying and he still wants to be with her, his mother however doesn’t want that to happen. time has taken so many turns for both Mashq and Fahad. For these two its love that makes the world go round.

Sometimes life plays with you in the oddest ways possible. Isra runs into Mashq and invites her to attend her wedding. The life has taken another turn for them and it gets stranger and stranger day by day.

Will Fahad and Mashq ever meet? Do you think Mashq and Dabbu are developing feelings for each other? Will Fahad going to marry Isra? To find out all the answers keep on watching Mera Yaar Mila De on Monday’s Only on ARY Digital.

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