Naimat – Will Baber Manage To Get Sara Out Of The Picture?

A marriage is a bond that brings two people closer, compromising on each other’s flaws are the unsurpassed thing you can do to save your marriage. It’s no surprise that Baber and Sara had an unlike situation.

In the last episode we’ve witnessed that Baber constantly has countless arguments with Zara, on the basis of his son and his ex wife. People can change so much when the situations don’t turn out accordingly.

So, the story takes another turn when Sara settles on the fact that she has to begin working for her son, as she is in dire straits, and Baber’s mother refuses to take his money. Being distant from his son, his mother and tolerating his ex wife – Baber is now furious, this eats him up inside making him hollow.

Naimat keeps on getting better every week as we come across how the life of Sara, Zara and Baber changes. To be honest Baber is a coward, a man who couldn’t be there for his wife and his son. A man who turned away from his responsibilities. According Baber “tumne sabko khokhla kardiya hai or mujhe bhi karahy thi,” that’s probably the worst to say to anyone at all, let alone to the mother of your child.

Grasping at straws – Sara struggles to find a job that would make her life better, a life – that is now turned into a living hell.

Will Zara ever be able to have Baber all by herself? Will Baber manage to get Sara out of the picture? Do you think Sara will be able to earn enough to make a better life for her son and her mother in law? All these questions must be haunting you, so make sure you find all the answers.

Don’t miss out on Naimat, that airs on ARY Digital every Monday at 8:00 PM.





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