Pakistan Welcomes Malala With Arms Wide Open

“I am very happy, and I still can’t believe that this is actually happening. …It is literally like a dream,” Malala Yousafzai says, with tears rolling down her cheeks as she returns to her homeland after almost six years of the harrowing terrorist attack.

Having garnered utmost fame for her consistent and unmatched struggle for women higher education, Yousafzai has become the youngest recipient to receive the prestigious Nobel Award for her bravery and for standing up against all odds coming in her way of endorsing girls’ education. She has been a true advocate for the oppressed girls, not just in Pakistan, but the whole world at large. The brave girl has stood at abundant forums including the United Nations General Assembly to speak bluntly, yet responsibly for the educational rights of women.

The Nobel laureate sobbed with happiness when her feet landed on the very homeland she saw with her narrow eyelids, closing due to an anesthesia shot. She was taken to Britain for her surgeries in 2012 after the horrific attack.

Embellished in a traditional Shalwar Qameez, our brave daughter has spoken at length in a ceremony with Pakistan’s premier, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. She has paid her gratitude for all the people who made her visit to Pakistan possible in a powerful speech, “I have always wanted to come back home and meet people here, talk to them, and spend time on the roads and streets I cherish so much, and now that it is actually happening, I am very grateful.” The Prime Minister generously in response states, “Malala is Pakistan’s representative to the world. She advocates for the education of children.”

Talking about the goals and future aims she possesses, she says, “We need to invest in the education of children in Pakistan. Malala Fund has already spent more than six million dollars in Pakistan for the education of girls.”

Soon after the news of Yousafzai’s return broke, ample men, women, and adolescents praised the laureate through their Twitter accounts. 

The love Pakistan possesses for the education advocate is unmatchable.

We wish the pride of Pakistan well for her plans and goals regarding children’ education.

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