Pakistani Celebs Going Gaga Over The #MannequinChallenge!

1-2-3 FREEZE! After the major craze of ice bucket challenge, Dubsmash videos and Boomerang clips – another adds up to the list. All the celebrities are going gaga over the #MannequinChallenge and we find it absolutely hilarious seeing them in some wacky paralyzed position flaunting their ‘still’ skills.

Whether it’s Hollywood, Bollywood or Pakistan – everyone has joined the army of #MannequinChallenge. However, we wanted to share our Pakistani celebs who aced this one, because come on, we have some major creativity all ready to be exploded here too.. correct?

Farhan Saeed did this terrific challenge and lit up the entire stage while performing at Roots International School, EME Lahore on Saturday, the singer made sure to get the audience hooked to his upbeat performance and no doubt the crowd went insane!

So this happened at Roots ! Haha what a great crowd. #MannequinChallenge

A video posted by Farhan Saeed (@farhan_saeed) on

The cast of Dobara Phir Se attempted the challenge while the promotions of their movie was on full swing, they look classy and flawless altogether.


#dobaraphirse #25thnovember #promotions #mannequinchallenge #awesome

A video posted by Sanam Mody Saeed (@sanammody) on

There is no doubt a dash of fun behind the stage at the Pakistan Fashion Week London was witnessed, these people sure know how to squeeze some craziness out from the load of chaotic day.

Osman Khalid Butt and Uzair Jaswal didn’t fall behind with flaunting their Pillow Talk #MannequinChallenge!

Pillowtalk, the #MannequinChallenge edition (aka the pros step in.) ‘Sup, Pakistan? #wechallengeyou

A video posted by Osman Khalid Butt (@aclockworkobi) on

In the midst of all the challenges that are fulfilled, this too adds a cherry on top! If this doesn’t crack you up, we don’t know what will!

Ali Zafar did this kick ass challenge and flaunted some major ‘mannequin’ skills, the singer turned actor is well aware of how to make the crowd to gaga over him!


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