Perfect KAPRAY To Flaunt This Season

The lawn craze has really taken over Pakistani women in the last few years. Even before nature updates us with the first signs of summer, we are attacked left light and center by the numerous designer lawn collections and commercials. Designers will leave no stones unturned to promote their collection! Like billboards were not enough; they make their existence felt in print, on social media and on TVCs in an attempt to seek the attention of the masses.

Despite the claim and competition, all the brands are currently selling in the same forte with common styles. No one really seems to be as unique as they claim in terms of setting fresh new trends and yet the masses are running after them as if there’s no other option left!

Well that is not exactly true and the masses do have a choice; pick ‘KAPRAY’ a brand with fresh new designs or go with the one that is old and repetitive!

5 reasons to flaunt KAPRAY this season:

Unique designs with the best quality of fabric and stitching.
‘KAPRAY’ is a fast fashion brand that gives its consumers the most unique designs with the best quality of fabric and stitching. So choose ‘KAPRAY’ and stop following the crowd, make the crowd follow you instead!

Colors and patterns that perfectly complement the new season.
For the new season go with ‘KAPRAY’S’ vibrant Spring/Summer ‘16 collection that portrays the beauty and brilliance of florals. It offers colors and patterns that perfectly complement the new season! Soft, mellow hues combining femininity and elegance while it’s radiant dark blooms add a touch of drama and glamour to the designs. The collection has intricate embroideries, bold prints and soft, comfortable, luxurious fabrics that result in pure perfection.

Digital art and technology that enhances the vibrancy of prints.
Moreover KAPRAY offers a modern touch of digital art and technology that enhances the vibrancy and makes you stand out in a crowd!

Limited edition collections that maintain exclusivity.
What’s even better is that the collection maintains exclusivity! KAPRAY lives up to its claim and continues to bring in new designs every 2-3 weeks, giving buyers the opportunity to stay updated, stylish and trendy. There is nothing a woman hates more than to be in a room with other women wearing the same dress as hers!

Collection that promotes personal taste and sensibility.
KAPRAY’S  Spring/Summer ‘16 collection  promotes personal taste and sensibility.

Make the right choice and maintain your uniqueness! 😉


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