Player Raphinha: Young star is shining

Raphinha is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a winger or winger. He is playing football at the dream club of many players – Barcelona. Find out more at Xoilac TV!

Player Raphinha: Young striker attracts all eyes

Striker Raphinha is one of the most promising and talented young players in football today. With creativity, speed and skillful technique, he has proven himself to be one of the promising young stars of Brazilian football.

Raphinha’s full name is Raphaël Dias Belloli, born on December 14, 1996 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He started his career at club Avai in Brazil before moving to Europe and joining Sporting CP of Portugal in 2016. At Sporting CP, Raphinha showed his potential and attracted attention from top clubs.

Football career of player Raphinha

In 2018, Raphinha moved to French club Rennes, where he continued to develop and demonstrate excellence. He scored many important goals and assists, and helped Rennes achieve some significant success in club competitions.

Raphinha’s prominence attracted the attention of top Premier League clubs and he eventually moved to Leeds United in the summer of 2020. At Leeds United, Raphinha has become an important part of the squad and Quickly prove your worth.

Raphinha: Rising young star

The turning point is called Barcelona

At the end of June 2022, Chelsea was known to be the only team with agreement from Leeds United to trade Raphinha, with their willingness to spend over 75 million euros. However, the Brazilian player has expressed his intention to only join Barcelona.

As if hearing the 25-year-old player’s heart, Barca jumped in at the last minute with a lower offer than Chelsea’s, with a total cost of only about 67 million euros. Leeds hesitated for a long time, but under pressure from Raphinha, they nodded.

“We confirm that we have reached an agreement with Barcelona Club regarding the Raphinha deal. This player will undergo a medical examination in Spain,” the Leeds homepage announced.

The way of playing football

One of Raphinha’s outstanding qualities is her speed. He has the ability to run quickly and pass defenders with ease. His combination of speed and skillful technique creates beautiful and dangerous combinations in the opponent’s penalty area.

Raphinha’s creative ability is also a strong point. He has the ability to create opportunities for teammates and find precise passes to attack. He also has very good long-range shooting ability and has scored beautiful goals from long distances.

In addition, Raphinha is also a multi-talented player. He can play in many positions in attack, from striker to right wing. This allows the coach to use him in many different tactical systems and create flexibility for the team.

The way of playing football

Breakthrough scoring ability

Since taking over Barcelona, ??coach Xavi has turned the two wing strikers into the strongest points in his squad. That’s why Xavi always chooses players who have speed, technique and can create breakthroughs for the team. Last season, Adama Traore – who was loaned by Barcelona from Wolverhampton – is proof of this. However, despite possessing speed and strength, Traore has difficulty in decisive moments, so Barcelona did not buy this player outright.

Now, Raphinha has become a bright choice for Xavi. In addition to having speed, Raphinha is known as a player who is always able to score goals and decide matches. Last season, the Brazilian scored 11 goals in the Premier League after 35 appearances for Leeds United. Currently, Memphis Depay and Ansu Fati are options for Xavi, but in the past season, both failed to meet expectations.

Achievements & Trophies

Player Raphinha has had the following achievements and titles in his career, let’s take a look at them with Xoilac TV.

Sporting CP

  • Taça de Portugal: 2018–19

  • Taça da Liga: 2018–19


  • La Liga: 2022–23

  • Spanish Super Cup: 2022–23


  • Vitória Guimarães Breakthrough Player of the Year: 2017

Potential and prospects


Based on the information that xoilac TV – has provided, we can see that Raphinha is a promising and talented young player, with creativity, speed and skillful technique. He has proven his worth at the clubs he has played for, from Sporting CP to Rennes and now Leeds United and Barcelona. Raphinha has the speed and ability to beat defenders, creativity in creating chances and accurate passing, along with the ability to score from long distances. He is also flexible in playing in many positions on the offensive line. With her qualities and contributions, Raphinha promises to continue to develop and become one of the outstanding players in the future.

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