In Photos: Saba Qamar’s Photos In The Northern Areas Are Breathtaking!

The name of Saba Qamar doesn’t need any introduction. The prima donna has garnered utmost love for her impeccable acting skills, gorgeous personality, and her audacity to speak against the injustices, our country is facing. Saba’s immense admiration is not just confined to Pakistan, the starlet has accumulated an abundance of praise on the other side of the border as well, for her immaculate performance in Hindi Medium, getting her nominated in the prestigious Filmfare Awards.

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The diva is currently on a vacay in the midst of a breathtaking scenery in the Northern areas of Pakistan. Albeit being on her days off, she is still keeping her fans and followers posted. Have a look at this cutie, relaxing in the lush green garden having a beauteous tree on the top of a mountain in Nathia Gali.

Compassion brings peace of mind and with it better health; so cherish compassion.

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This is definitely an unarguably surreal sight to have a long glance at. The Hindi-medium star is immersed in this legit heaven on earth.

Saba QamarThe photo taken from another angle delineates our favorite thespian and the scenery sprinkling an infinite amount of charm on our screens.

Saba QamarAmidst clouds and beauty galore, Saba poses for the camera, still sitting on the same place as she was sitting before.

Saba QamarThe scene from her temporary residence in the North pretty much looks like this.

Saba QamarHere’s a little video of the location oozing infinite gorgeousness engulfed with trees, clouds and an abundance of fog.

Seems like the starlet is having a fabulous time with the nature, being in the state of an absolute ecstasy.

Saba QamarSaba Qamar

The amount of contentment can be seen through this photo she has posted on her Instagram profile. She captions this photo as, “Main Hoon hi Nahi is Duniya ki.”

Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki ????

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Have a look at this video of our beauty chilling amidst the purest form of nature. She listens to a rendition of the renown, “Apki Nazron Nay Samjha.”

Saba comes inside for a meal and she posts this on her Instagram too. What a gracious woman!

The stunning actress goes out again in the evening and listens to the legendary Abida Parveen in the midst of this flabbergasting ambiance.

We are certain that this adorable actress will post more photos depicting utmost euphoria. What are your views on this story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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