Sana Javed shares her experience shooting Ruswai’s heart wrenching scene

After back to back impactful dramas like Cheekh, Surkh Chandni and Meri Guriya, the most-watched entertainment channel of the country has brought Ruswai for its spectators around the world.

The recent episode of Ruswai sheds light on the incident that will change Sameera’s life forever, just like any other girl who had endured a similar fate. The scene that depicted Sameera getting out of the restaurant with her family, followed by her abduction has given shivers to all the spectators because of the heartwrenching visuals it portrayed.

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Apart from the impact audiences had, watching the powerful and immensely flamboyant acting of all thespians present in the drama, the lead protagonist, Sana Javed aka Sameera also shared her experience shooting for this particular scene. She wrote, “To enact this scene I for days was depressed! One can only imagine the reality of helplessness and anger of actual victims.”

From Mukhtar Mai to Qandeel Baloch, women have not only been subjected to humiliation, victimization, and brutalization, they are also murdered in the name of honor. ARY Digital Network understands its responsibilities well and does not shy away to grip campaigns shedding light on societal issues so that Pakistan could become a better place to live with each passing day. Talking about taboo topics between the lines with absolute subtlety is also something we usually see in dramas associated with ARY Digital.

Ruswai is directed by the veteran actress Rubina Ashraf and produced by Humayun Saeed’s Six Sigma Entertainment. The drama incorporates adroit actors such as Osama Tahir, Minah Tariq, legendary actors, Mohammad Ahmed, Usman Peerzada, and Seemi Raheel.

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