SANAM CHAUHDRY ; Pretty, fun-loving , pet lover and a great friend.

ARY Digital’s “Shiza” was a hit and the people loved it because it aptly depicted the issues of child trafficking, trading of young girls and other low key unconventional problems the society is facing.

Sanam Chauhdry played the troubled protagonist in the play and impressed all with her performance as a helpless victim of human trafficking.

Few know that the in real life, Sanam is a totally different girl. Other than just being gorgeous, Sanam Chauhdry has a fun-loving nature, and she sure knows how to live life to its fullest.

She is also a cat loving person and owns many cats.

If anybody wants a proof, he or she should go through Sanam’s Instagram. She is a friend everyone wishes for!

Aslamalikoooooooooom ????????????

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Them dazzling eyes!

“back in the days, when life and love were simpler”? #kashaf soon on #aplus ???? by @samreenvance

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She knows how to slay!

My meows ? #bella #peeru #sasha

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The perfect shot !??????

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She’s a Purfect pet owner.

She knows how to have fun on the sets.

@inoorhassan and i painting the city red ??????????

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who does not want to be friends with her?


Gulmeena Hamid is a media studies student and associated with ARY digital. She is an emerging blogger.



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