Saturday Gifs That Most Of Us Can Relate To

Who doesn’t love Saturday’s? A long week of hard work and fatigue calls for some terrific ‘Netflix and chill’ scene. Terms like work hard, party harder fit ideal on Saturday’s! Basically happiness is realizing it’s only weekend. We decided to compile gifs about Saturdays that most of us can relate, scroll down and laugh away!

1. We all need sleep. The more the merrier.


2. Your Pj’s and pizza awaits.

3. How can we deny the love of our bed? We missed you so much, but now a date with bed.

4. Saturday dance anyone?

5.Letting your boss know that they don’t exist once your weekend starts.

6. This will be you later tonight.

7. For some people it’s just about browsing the internet and finishing the next episode of Narcos.

8. Getting ready for a friends get together or a party?

9. And of course, the scrumptious food. All hail to a cheat day.

10. Did someone say party? Gear up!


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