Screen Art and Mehreen Jabbar

A creative St. Josephian who completed her graduation from St. Joseph’s college had an inspiration for film making and direction none other than Mehreen Jabbar . This promising and energetic being stepped in to make a great change in terms of direction and screen play and has given a different dimension to drama and now film making horizons. Mehreen actually portrays a hallmark of woman empowerment with her unique sense of direction. We can merely say that she is the female version of Tom Hooper and Asghar Farhadi who are themselves an excellent top rater director. Mehreen has worked on such projects that are being ignored by most of the drama makers , however she has actually brought these ordinary matters that every class face in the limelight.

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Mehreen has introduced the unconventional ideas and has explored , feminism , middle class mentality, and even the emerging conflicts between sub continent . Although, she belongs to a political family background but still there was a courage inside her that never let her down to work as a film maker . Jabbar has studied film making from California University and returned Pakistan with immense knowledge and trade her traits , she is contributing her services by being a member of Central Board of Films Censor , Kara film festival and member of WAR (War Against Rape).

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Mehreen has created masterpieces for Ary Digital such as Daam 2010, Neeyat 2011, and a latest movie Dobara Phr Se 2016 which rated at 6.5 of IMDb , Drama serial Daam caught attention of millions where the story revolves around the class system and a love triangle. Neeyat was based on overseas Pakistani which illustrated their challenges and way of lifestyle. A pretty decent attempt for making a movie in the face of stressed out situations , Dobara Phr Se is all about complicated relationships be it love or marriage, a nice and subtle storyline to project. Mehreen created this work of art called “Ramchand” when the creation won over 5 international awards . With the revival of Pakistani cinema house Mehreen has contributed her endless efforts for upbringing the mist be prominent in media culture.

Jabbar has prepared a suitable munch to display many singers and their talents by providing an opportunity for play back and has lately produced such melodious and heavenly vocals in her dramas and movies. Mehreen’s work does speak for itself and brings a new dynamics to film making terminology.

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