Shahab and Jaana just might tie the knot

Jaana’s return in the house was one thing that Sumera didn’t expect from Shahab to do, he’s well aware of how much she hates her and doesn’t want her around. On the other hand Shahab just wants Sumera to be happy and be taken care of, which Rehmat is unable to do. Jaana has made Shahab her target and according to her she will find her true happiness once he falls under the trap!

The mind gobbling thing is that why would Shahab bring her back in the house when his own mother and wife disagree with this decision?  Looks like he had a soft corner for Jaana which is why he fights for her with Sumera. Who tells their maid that she looks pretty? When Shahab told Jaana that acchi lag rahy ho, it obviously meant that his intentions are just not clear!

The cherry on top was when Shahab apologized to Jaana for the behavior of Sumera, and she ended up confessing her love for him. In real world none of this happens, reputable families take actions against things like these, but Shahab who’s a ‘decent’ man did nothing but stayed hush. What will Jaana do now? The precap showed how these two might actually tie the knot. That action will destroy the relationship of Sumera and Shahab and there’s no turning back from that.

The entire episode has taken the drama to the next level and story finally moves forward with a bang! Do you want to know if the two will get married? You have to watch Waadas  next episode on Wednesday at 8.00 pm only on ARY Digital.


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