If Shan e Ramazan Kalam does not make you emotional, nothing will

Ramadan Kareem is finally here to bring infinite blessings for all Muslims across the globe. It is the time of the year when Muslims go an extra mile to help the humankind with altruism and empathy. Continuing the legacy, ARY Digital is all set to bring the amalgamation of humanity and peace having religion as its core once again, to make Ramadan a bit brighter with Shan-e-Ramazan.

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But before the transmission officially starts, the yearly Kalam and its video have just been released and it is being lauded in all horizons of the world for all the right reasons. It starts off with Waseem Badami defining the holy month in a rather poetic way, as he walks into the Masjid. The video also shows Iqrar ul Hassan stepping into the prestigious Shah Jahan Masjid. Waseem starts off with the Kalam having the well-acclaimed Badshahi Masjid in the background.

Shan e RamazanAs Faysal Quraishi drives in the midst of rural Pakistan, he watches women putting all their efforts to take out water from a well, lifting the containers on their heads and walking kilometers in the scorching heat. Faysal, along with the assistance of Ehsaas Trust establishes a water plant for these women and a tear rolls down his cheek as these women pay gratitude to him.

Shan e RamazanFahad Mustafa sits to get his hair done, apparently before a shoot as he notices a man yelling at a boy, throwing away the set of documents he had brought. Fahad stands up when the man leaves and picks up a paper, only to find out the boy’s termination letter for not being able to pay his university fee. He gives this boy a cheque which brings a spontaneous smile on his face.

Shan e RamazanThen comes the legendary scholar with a majestic voice Junaid Jamshed, giving us literal goosebumps as he takes the Kalam further without any music. With his ex co-host’s surreal voice in the background, Waseem lifts his hands for a prayer.

Shan e RamazanIqrar and his cute little son, Pehlaaj Hassan walks in the Masjid when the latter finds a few slippers laying in front of the Masjid unordered. He lifts them up and aligns them in a proper pattern. When Iqrar walks inside the Masjid and could not find his son, he comes out and sees him perform such a beautiful gesture. He could not resist kissing Pehlaaj on his forehead.

Shan e RamazanMadeha Naqvi along with Shafaat Ali calls all the street children under one roof to provide them with their basic right, education. The kids are seen running to the make-shift school in order to gain the knowledge they deserve. Madeha and Shafaat very playfully teach these children, bringing wide smiles on their faces.

Shan e RamazanAs Nida Yasir walks by, she watches an elderly couple having hardly anything for Iftaar. She finds all girls of the neighborhood to make proper iftaar for them. When this couple watches all the food, they pay their gratitude to the morning show host having an unexplainable shine in their eyes.

Shan e RamazanThen comes the entire ARY Digital Network team from all the channels including ARY News, ARY Digital, ARY Zindagi and Q TV sitting on the table for a grand Iftaar to cherish the blessings and the chance to show maximum virtues throughout the month.

Shan e RamazanWhich part of the Kalaam intrigued you the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.



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