Shan-e-Ramazan-Laughter Is the Best Medicine!

Laughing is and always will be the best form of therapy, every time we laugh it feels as if a burden has been reduced -and with all the hustle-bustle in our daily routine during Ramazan, a little entertainment wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Laugh is more like stress reliever you see. Shan-e-Ramazan is doing a great job with enlightening people, offering us with some excellent Naats, Sehri, Iftari and what not. However, they do excel in another thing which is providing us with some quality level amusement. Here are some prominent examples that show we can easily burst into laughter after watching Shaan-e-Ramazan. Hats off to the people who performed.

1. ‘Main Apne Bachon Ke Naam Bhool Jaati Hun,’ this quiz will certainly make your day and as you scroll down, there will be  a lot more for you to laugh out loud at!

The Most Funniest Quiz Ever in Shan-e-Ramazan… by arydigitalofficial

2. ‘Wafaa Paane Nikle Thay, Wafaat Paagaaye,’ the line fits perfectly to all the ‘majnoos’ out there who are love struck!

How Funny Speech Wafa Paaney Nikaley thay… by arydigitalofficial

3. It takes so much courage to admit ke ‘Main hun pagal,’ have a look at this one and laugh away! Don’t miss out on Waseem Badami’s expressions.

How Funny Speech Haan Bhi Kaisa Deya In Shan-e… by arydigitalofficial

4. It’s true! Jo ‘kehta hai wohi hota hai,’ mothers do say that! but then again why do we care? All we care about is a juicy Aam!

How Funny Speech Haan Haan Mein Pagal Hon In… by arydigitalofficial

5. It’s not everyday that we see someone this expressive about a certain topic. Best part? The looks of our beloved hosts. ‘Bohat accha hua mike bund hogaya inka,’ funniest line!

Girl Funny Speech Buht Nazuk Surat e Haal Hai… by arydigitalofficial


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