SherDil running to packed houses across the country 

Ever since the release of its teaser, people kind of anticipated the success of SherDil. Then came its power-packed trailer that just reaffirmed its success with impressive dogfights and exceptional script. The premiere of the movie accumulated A-list celebrities ranging from veteran actors to models and singers praising the ensemble cast, cinematography, dialogues, and the dogfights.

In spite of releasing along with a plethora of local and Hollywood movies, SherDil went on to garner a full house in arguably every showtime in cinemas across the country including those in cities like Sargodha, etc.

One of the many reasons SherDil has given the biggest opening of 2019 is its ensemble cast. Top-notch celebrities such as the heartthrob Mikaal Zulfiqar, the gorgeous Armeena Khan, the suave Hassan Niazi, and the stunning Sabeeka Imam have proven to be major factors of the movie’s success by the display of their phenomenal acting capabilities.

The newcomers, Ibrahim Alavi, Malik Aqeel, and Belal Shahid have also put their immaculate efforts in the movie with absolute mastery, along with veteran actors like Samina Ahmed and Laila Zubairi, amongst others. Writer and producer of the movie, Nomaan Khan has also played a pivotal role in setting an uplifting tune to the movie.

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Directed by the immensely talented Azfar Jafri, the movie proceeds in a way to generate maximum output influencing the audiences to shed tears and keep applauding the dialogues and the dogfight sequences throughout the movie for its pristine storyline that depicts sheer patriotism. Everyone watching SherDil could easily relate to it because we all have family members who are uber obsessed and enthusiastic about Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Have a look at all your favorite celebrities talking about #SherDil and its cast

Have a look at all your favorite celebrities talking about #SherDil and its cast#ARYDigital #ARYFilms

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SherDil happens to be the first movie of the entire 2019 to garner such outstanding praise in just a week and we are super thrilled for all the milestones it is yet to achieve. Which scene from the movies intrigued you the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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