Shukk- The Great Scarfice

Episode 27 Review

So this is the second last Episode of serial Shukk. Sania has left Ehtesham and gone to Australia with Roomi. She is feeling guilty that she disturbs Ethtesham’s blissful married life. She has to be feeling guilty indeed. Viewers were not expecting that Sania will demand for divorce. She was approaching Ehtesham in previous installments to divorce Sehrish,but she had left everyone astonished,after demanding for divorce. No doubt Ethesham loves Sania and wants to stay with her. His first predilection is Sania and Roomi. 

Sania honestly declared infront of Ethtesham , when Ali had left me you were there to help me out from troubles but Sehrish wants you madly. 

Sania made her last night memorable with Ethesham before departure to Australia. She was extremely looking ravishing in Red lipstick with the  off-white outfit. No doubt candle light dinner was an outstanding scene in the entire episode, which makes Sania feels happy.  

Ethesham did not want Sania’s sacrifice to be wasted, that’s why he had called Sehrish to get ready for dinner.

The most hilarious dialogue of 27th installment of Shukk.

Ehtesham Says to Sehrish

Tum apni zuban ka istimal kum karo maray lie tmhari itni help kafi hai

In my perception Sania will be back because Roomi loves his dad ( Ethesham).They will live cheerfully and Sehrish will leave  Ethesham. Its my perception, but still we all are waiting for the last episode.     

In your opinion will Sania be back from Australia in the last Installment?

1.   Yes

2.   No

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