Six Ways to get away from stress this week

Stress can be the worst thing to go through but this is also the most common problem, every other day work crisis, family dramas, peer pressure and what not get a hold of us. These problems drain you and you become prone to headaches and stress, but guess what? These seven tips will aid you in overcoming your ocean of strain.

1.Have a candle light bath with slow music: 


Slow music, scented candles and warm bath is the ideal getaway from stress. To add another cherry on top, keep some chocolates right by your side.

2.Watch puppy videos:

I mean come one, who doesn’t love puppies? They are adorable, fluffy and playful!


Tag someone you want to explore the unexplored Balochistan with?? (Credits: @usman_zubair) #travelbeautifulpakistan

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Dropping everything and leaving for a long trip isn’t easy, but planning a weekend at beach or farmhouse trip with loved ones doesn’t seem so hard does it?

4.Join a class:

Preparando la lezione di #pilates per stasera #rolldown #teaser #bridge

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Yoga, pilates or zumba go ahead and join any of these, workout + fun, this will certainly get your mind off of some stress and make you have that ideal body.

5. Read:


Starting a new book is like beginning a new adventure or opting for a brand new tale, diverting your mind from all the stress – a book will be your best pal!

6.Watch movies:


Get a hold of your movie buff friend, grab popcorns and begin watching the Harry Potter series! (That’s just my suggestion). Series like friends, modern family and Entourage will be your ultimate diversion as well.


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