Steps For A Teen To Achieve That Flawless Skin

Flaunting a beautiful flawless skin is probably a wish all of us have, whether old or young. Seldom it becomes tricky for most of us to actually be able to pull that off. However, skin care is the most challenging for teens who are growing up, as they are prone to acne and skin breakouts. I’m sure all of the mothers out there would want their kid to have a flawless skin. Guess what? Following this ideal skin regime is going to lead to a healthy skin.



Using a good quality product is crucial for your skin, wash your face at least twice  a day (morning and night) with warm water, and massage thoroughly. If done correctly, this practice will remove all the dirt and leave your skin fresh. Do not opt for hot water as that can lead to oil secretion, to close your pores – splash some cold water. Pat dry with a towel and repeat the same if skin feels too oily.



This is a crucial step that must not be overlooked,  scrub your skin very gently as vigorous massage can result in making your acne worse. Scrubbing is a blessing and will help shed all the dead skin. Usage of scrub depends on your skin type and can vary from weekly to monthly.

If you’re looking for a natural scrub – honey and yogurt are going to be there for your rescue!



Don’t even think of skipping this step as its vital! Apply a moisturizer upwards and work with it. Use a light moisturizer if you suffer from acne and a heavy one if you have a dry skin. Plus be sure to always carry one in your hand bag or your car.



young woman spraying on face for skin care

Though using cold water to close your pores is enough, if you intend to go an extra mile – opt for natural toners like rose water which will help the reduction of itch and pimples on your skin too.

Skin Care Tips:


1.A lot of teens have a habit of popping their pimples or touching their skin a lot AVOID IT! If you wish to have a unblemished skin, please skip that part and get your hands busy with other things and leave your skin alone.

2.There are numerous natural beauty products like honey, lemon and aloe vera that you can well rely on. Trust me when I say that ‘going all natural’ will aid you in achieving the desired skin.

3.Be certain to wipe all your make up girls! Never sleep with all the mascara on!

4.Eat healthy, and stay hydrated. It’s essential that you take your diet seriously.

5.If none of this helps, then visit a dermatologist for best results.

Being a teen isn’t easy but that shouldn’t hinder you in making an effort to of keeping your skin healthy.



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