Stuff that shook your soul when you were a child.


As toddlers, we all had a lot of fears. Basically, we were scared of anything that was new to us or anything that the television, books, movies or parents portrayed negatively. We grew out of a majority of these fears, excluding a few, when we matured. To give you an idea of how irrational our childhood fears were, here’s a list of few of those absurd things we worried for.

1. Monsters Under The Bed:
You always ask your parents to check under your bed if there’s some unseen creature. Even after checking a million times, you still had a hard time sleeping.


2. Sharks And Crocodiles In The Swimming Pool:
You must’ve been hostile to go even in the shallowest swimming pool because you were scared that a crocodile might grab your leg with its jaws or maybe a shark will bite your whole leg off.


3. The Rooftop:
You were always told to come downstairs when the day came to an end. This fear managed to occupy a space in your mind and you are still hesitant to go on the rooftop at nights.


4. Ghosts:
No matter what country you lived in, you were always frightened of ghosts because they happened to be creations who would have taken you with them if you wouldn’t have eaten. Also, if ghosts were real, you still expect the ghost you see to be Casper.


5. Scary Taps, Creaks, Bumps, And Thumps In The Middle Of The Night:
It was pretty hard to sleep at night, and even after falling asleep, you must have jumped with panic in your bed after hearing a noise. Was it someone tapping the window?


6. The Fear Of Someone/ Something Pulling You In The Like, River Or Sea:
Running directly into the river was never your thing. You always stood on the shore for a while, frightened someone would pull you in.


7. Shadows:
While you were a toddler, you were horrified of shadows, be it your own shadow even.


8. Bad Fellows:
You always urged your parents to leave your room only after you’ve fallen asleep. It is because you were scared that the bad guys might attack you or take you with them.


9. The Sound Of Clock Your Grandpa Owned:
There’s a huge clock in your home that was gifted to your grandma by grandpa. It renders a loud sound every hour. Also, the needles of this clock are noisy that disturbs you.


10. Clowns:
You started hating clowns when you saw one at a birthday party. Even the movies and cartoons portrayed clowns as evil, bloodthirsty creatures.


11. Doctors:
Injections, Stethoscopes, finger pricks, bitter syrups, X-rays, blood tests, are not adored by even the adults. Hospitals and clinics were your biggest nightmares as a child.


12. Scary Animals In Your Toilet:
Was it not hard to go to the washroom when it was dark? Checking the toilet before sitting to make sure there’s no snake or any other organism inside it was just your thing.


13. Full Moon:
You grew up watching wolves howl on the night of full moon. This night is the night when humans turn into werewolves which is quite scary.


14. Thunderstorms:
Especially at night, thunderstorms are a reason that made you believe nature could also be scary.


15. Driving Across The Bridges:
Sitting with dad while he drove to cross the bridge, you must have started reciting the holy verses hoping the bridge won’t collapse.


What frightened you the most? Are there any other fears you had when you were a kid?

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