Tables have finally turned in Ruswai

Only the first three episodes of Ruswai depicted a happy go lucky Dr. Sameera, who’s loved by her family and her to-be-husband, Salman. Soon after the Nikkah, the incident in the fourth episode scarred her for the rest of her life. Ever since the restaurant scene, the only time she smiled was at her wedding, only to be taken aback by the treatment of the love of her life and his family towards her.

Despite the great trauma she had been facing all this while, she was the one who was blamed for bringing shame to both the families she belonged to. At first, her brother, father, and husband opposed a First Information Report (FIR), followed by literal captivity when Salman asked her to stop practicing as a doctor and stay home.

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She tried fighting back, but she was instructed to save the relation which was merely a wedding. She stayed resilient and craved for the gaze of love she once saw in Salman’s eyes. She stayed faithful all this while and endured humiliation while she was battling her self, only to be cheated upon, and getting divorced.

In spite of everything her ex-in-laws did to her, she stood like a rock to make sure her sister-in-law does not experience a similar fate. She fought with her mother, and her brother, said some exceptional dialogues with impeccable body language and acting, enough to make the audience cry with sorrow, empathy, hope and relief at the same time.

Moreover, she gave up her toxic relationship and finally, her family stood by her side because she was righteous all along. After the sad demise of her father, she was shaken to the core and instead of breaking down, she became stronger than ever, gaining maximum support of her family, and Doctor Feroze.

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Feroze encouraged her to be herself and go against all odds to come to the hospital even on days when she was feeling miserable. He not only helped her but her entire family ranging from her father to her brother and sister-in-law. Albeit wanting to marry her, he passed the ball to Sameera’s court, for, he decided to agree on what she chooses.

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe, Salman and his parents are utterly disturbed, firstly because of Wardah and everything she had been through, and secondly because of Pinky and her tantrums. In the second last episode, Pinky files a case against Salman and his parents for domestic violence. His mother is realizing how karma works but it certainly is too late for remorse.

From Mukhtar Mai to Qandeel Baloch, women have not only been subjected to humiliation, victimization, and brutalization, they are also murdered in the name of honor. ARY Digital Network understands its responsibilities well and does not shy away to grip campaigns shedding light on societal issues so that Pakistan could become a better place to live with each passing day.

Ruswai is directed by the veteran actress Rubina Ashraf and produced by Humayun Saeed’s Six Sigma Entertainment. The drama incorporates adroit actors such as Mikaal Zulfiqar, Sana Javed, Osama Tahir, Minah Tariq, legendary actors, Mohammad Ahmed, Usman Peerzada, and Seemi Raheel.

Sameera wants to reopen the case and Feroze wants to marry her. How do you think will the last episode of  Ruswai unfold? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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