Cross Border love: ‘Tamasha’ contestant Rauf Lala gets support from Indian comedians

The veteran comedian and our very own Lala of ‘Tamasha Ghar’, Rauf Lala gets support across the border.

As we entered the final week of the cut-throat competition in the ‘Tamasha Ghar’, the 6 finalists – Umer Alam, Rauf Lala, Mareeha Safdar, Maira Khan, Aadi Adeal Amjad and Humaira Asghar Ali – have all pulled up their socks and have their vision set on the prestigious title and final trophy.

Audiences have also picked their sides and are leaving no stones unturned to celebrate their favourites and make them win the coveted title. However, among the final 6, is our senior most albeit focused player of the show, Rauf Lala, who has his fanbase not limited to Pakistan.


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Lala, who had worked on a series of Indian stand-up shows and films in the past, received support from his old co-stars amidst the final week’s chaos.

Bharti Singh, one of the most known comic faces of the neighbouring country, extended her support to Lala with a sweet video message. Singh made a vote appeal for Lala as she said, “My brother, dear fellow comedian, Rauf Lala is in the ‘Tamasha’ house, and is doing a great job in entertaining everyone. He needs your support to stay in the house, so continue to vote for him, so that he can continue to entertain us.”


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Moreover, another actor-comedian, Krushna Abhishek taped a similar video, where he mentioned being a ‘great fan’ of Lala himself. “Rauf Lala ji is in the Tamasha house on ARY Digital and is very entertaining,” said ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ alum.

“I’m also a big fan of him and want to see him win the show. So please vote and make him win.”


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Don’t forget to vote for your favourite contestant on the ARY Zap app to make them pick the winner’s trophy.

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