Teri Chah Mein – Will Faisal Divorce Mehwish?

The worst thing a man can do is hurt the woman who loves him to bits, once Faisal remarried he made it clear that Mehwish doesn’t mean to him what she did once. Teri Chah Mein has reached another twist and the plot only gets better!

The interesting thing about this drama serial is the peculiar behavior of Zara who’s siding Faisal’s decision, seems like she finally can avenge her brother’s death by making certain that she hurts her mother. Moreover, when Mehwish demands Amber to leave her husband – Faisal sides her and tells Mehwish that he won’t leave Amber no matter what

On the other hand it’s seems like Zara and her neighbor are building up a chemistry, will the two end up together? She respects the man a lot.

Furthermore, Amber finds it super odd that Zara is favoring her so much even though she is now her mother’s sautan, Mehwish is unable to digest the bitter truth that her husband could do something as horrible as this. Faisal is falling in love with Amber and he blames Mehwish for pushing him away.

When Zara tells Amber that she can’t marry anyone as she only loved Faisal all her life, Amber is shell-shocked, the smile on her face instantly fades away knowing how Zara’s own mother ruined her life. Amber can’t stop thinking about how horrible Mehwish is and what selfish act was what she did.

What more should Mehwish Expect from Faisal? Will Zara and Faizan get married? Amber and Faisal are a very cute couple, will they remain happy or Mehwish will constantly create problems for the two? How else will Teri Chah Mein change the course of direction? Find out all the answers in the next episode on Wednesdays at 8.00 PM only o ARY Digital.




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