Teri Chah Mein – Will Mehwish’s Ego Drag Her Near Death?

Teri Chah Mein has reached to another twist where Mehswish realizes that she has made a blunder marrying Faisal, she doesn’t want Zara to tie the knot with Faizan. Is Mehwish right to do that? Seems like Zara despises Mehwish from the bottom of heart.

On the other hand Mehwish calls her brother in law to tell him about Zara’s decision, he refuses to talk to her under any circumstances as due to her – his son is lost who didn’t even bother getting in touch with his parents, not even once. Mehwish’s brother in law finally comes to Pakistan and forces Zara to not marry Faizan, he tells her that she can’t make such a  huge decision on her own. Moreover Zara tells him how Faisal married another women.

It’s impossible to turn away from the twists and turns of this show, Teri Chah Mein forces you to stay glued to it and never miss an episode. Mehwish is highly worried about Zara, worried enough to torment herself physically and emotionally. Zara thinks that Mehwish only got sick because of her major ego issues and not out of love.

Will the pregnancy of Amber melt the hearts of Faisal’s parents? Will Zara marry Faizan? Seems like Zara and her cousin Tahir might actually get itched, do you think so too?

Don’t forget to watch the next episode of Teri Chah Mein only on ARY Digital on Wednesday.





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