The Entertainment Goes On!

Muslims all over the world make great preparations for the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr. We buy new clothes, prepare amazing meals, decorate our homes and make sure to visit our loved ones. The second day of Eid brings some more family and friends gatherings that we all enjoy. ARY loves their audience and hence they bring them the superior of quality shows, we have planned a great fun-filled second day of Eid for you all. Stay tuned to watch these mind blowing entertainment programs coming your way.

1. Good Morning Pakistan (10:00 am) :

Nida Yasir invites you to have a ball with her. How great is that? With more love and amusements headed your way it’s impossible to get bored even for a moment. So get ready to see all the pretty faces, crazy side of your favorite celebrities and so many more interesting segments!

2. Stardust Awards (3:00 pm) :

Set yourselves to be starstruck by all the breathtaking celebrities, with these prestigious icons under one roof it’s certain that you’ll fall in love with them all over again. Their great performances will be the feast for your eyes!

3. Van Waale Mehmoob Bhai (7:00 pm) :

Van Wale Mehboob Bhai

Don’t think of flipping your channel as the series of entertainment isn’t over yet. The next show that airs is going to be just another cause for a laughing fit for you!

4. Jeeto Pakistan (9:00 pm) :

This Eid special episode will be the ice on the cake for you, so much energy and enthusiasm is all you need, and the limelight of show – Fahad Mustafa will certainly take you to a blissful place of fun! So don’t miss out on this transmission that will make your day so much better.


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